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Paint to Size

Have you ever imagined changing the size of your room without actually breaking down the entire building? We are sure a million thoughts are scrambling through your head right now, but not to worry our recommendations have  absolutely nothing to do with breaking down your entire house. 

Do you know that; aside from Paints serving as beautifiers and elements that could change your mood or style, they  could also change the size of your space? Of course, it can’t alter the measurements; but when used right, color can  delude the eye into believing a space is wider, smaller, larger or taller. 

Now, here are nine interesting ways to change the size of your room with paint. 

Expand Your Space 

To give the illusion of expansive space, paint the walls and ceiling the same color. For maximum effect, any color in  the white family is recommended. Keep the floor white, too. Now, step back and take in your bigger room.

Highlight A Wall 

Paint one wall light and paint the rest dark (ceiling inclusive). This makes light-colored wall pop.

Make It Shrink 

If you have a large space you would rather be small, paint the walls and ceiling the same dark color. This creates a  cave effect and makes the room appear smaller.

Elongate It 

For elongation, paint the ceiling and a wall dark, and the other walls white. The white walls will give the illusion of an  expansion, while the eyes focus on the long lines created by the dark walls.

Shorten The Room 

Wondering how to make a long room look less so? Well, try this trick. Paint the ceiling and three of the walls white.  Then paint one of the short walls dark. The dark wall visually shortens the room

Close It Down 

You could make that big room feel cozy with this paint trick. Paint your ceiling and one wall white, and the other  walls dark. This draws the eyes down the ceiling to the white wall. The other walls close in on the white area, making you feel like the room is closing in on you. 

Make It Taller 

To achieve this, you’ll need two colors of paint; white or a very light shade, and dark gray or another deep hue. Paint  the walls with the dark color and the ceiling with the light color.

Lower The Ceiling 

For tall rooms, paint the ceiling dark and all the walls dark.  

Horizontal Stretch 

to make your space look wider, paint the ceiling and bottom half of the wall white. Then paint the upper half of the  wall dark. This will cram the dark color between the white, which will make the room seem wider. 

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