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Universal primer is an acrylic copolymer binder-based primer for water-based paint application on synthetic based paint. Healthy and environmentally friendly makes water-based application possible on the surfaces which have been painted with synthetic kind of paint. Provides better viscosity in water-based paint application on the surface. Universal primer has minimum consumption and can be applied on old painted, dirty and on synthetic surfaces that are desired to transform into a water-based paint.


Technical Data:

  • Consumption: Single Coat: 10- 15m²/lt, 65-100 g/m2
  • Thinner: Water
  • Thinning Rate: 10-30%
  • Drying Time: Touch 15 – 20 min; Dust repulsive 1 hour; 24 hours to fully dry
  • pH (25 o C): 8 – 9
  • Density: 1.55 ± 0.02 (g / ml)
  • Solid Content: 61 ± 2%
  • Dry Film Thickness: (30 ± 5) micron
  • Wet Film Thickness: (60 ± 5) micron



  • The surface must be cleared of any oil, dirt or dust. Swollen and old paintings must be scraped off. The surface must be clean, dry and solid.
  • Hollows and cracks should be filled with Dr Smart Dâhili Akrilik Macun in case of necessity.
  • After the recommended cleaning is completed, Dr Smart Universal Astar can be applied.
  • Universal Primer should be thinned % 10- 15 with clean water and applied with a brush, roller or spray gun in one coat.
  • After application, tools should be cleaned with water.
  • Ambient and surface temperature should be between +5 and +35 degrees during the application and product drying season.
  • Universal Primer should be completely mixed so that it is homogenous.
  • Ambient and surface temperature should be between +5 and +35 degrees during the application and product drying season.


Warnings: S2: Keep out of the reach of children. S24/25: Avoid getting eye and skin contact. In case wash with plenty of water. S46: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. Preserve in a tightly closed container. Do not dump into the sewer system.

Storage: Keep at a cool and clean place away from sunlight. It can be stored unopened 1 year at room temperature.

Packaging: 15 lt, 2.5 lt PE Bucket


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